Saturday, June 5, 2010

Look in the Mirror

One of the core teachings of Lord Buddha was to give up the feeling of ownership/ego/belongingness. E.g: This is mine...this belongs to one else should have it...this is ours..This is only for the betterment of ourselves....But is it the case in SL. we call our selves pure Buddhists. According to us this is the land of the Dhamma. Yet we r so worried about our things...this is our country. Our Motherland. not anybody else’s. This is our Buddhist culture...the sad thing is that we r killing in the name of Lord sad...HP ppl in SL wd understand this soon....we r no Buddhists...we r just racists barbarians...u may not agree..But some day u will..We call this is the most precious country of all. But why…coz we were born here. Then what are we…Just another set of animals with poor attitudes. A mad bunch of hypocrites. U might call me a traitor. But its just a fragment of your imagination. The only truth is this world is full of individuals and their needs. The word society, Country, community r just excuses that we use to full fill our endless needs.

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