Saturday, June 5, 2010

“how” is the question and “what” is the answer......

Every man on earth has his share of fear & tear along with an occasional moment of joy. One might say that life is all about those moments of happiness rather than the life time of pain. But I say different. Pain & sorrow along with the fear tells us something important. That is we should find an answer to this life. Coz if not we'll suffer more and more. Each & everyday that passes by brings loads & loads of pain. Actually what most of us do is that we live with the hope that some day it will all end and happiness will find us. But as far as I know that day will never come. And nothing will change if we don't change the system.
Actually “how” is the question and “what” is the answer. Confusing isn’t it. To find the answer to how we are going to change should begin with understanding what this life is. What exactly is this life? Why are we born? What is our purpose of living? One might say forget it n enjoy life. One might say it’s an open ended question. One might say it’s an exam that we have to learn while facing it. But all these answers have one thing in common. That is no one is certain about the meaning of life. To be honest I had no clue what so ever about life for the past 20 years. Strange isn’t it. It gives me a shiver coz now I know that I’ve been passing time for the last 20 years, idling like a buffoon without a purpose.
But no one can change the past. So what we should do is to go ahead n change the future. But then again HOW?

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