Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Down 2 Earth........

we people are always talking about true love. But do we realy know what that means. Coz i don't. What is the basis for only having one true love in one's life. Is it a fact. And more or less how do u identify ur soulmate.

I'm totaly confused. Is it the perfect partner. Or is it the complete opposite of once self. Or is it some thing else. I mean most south asins believe in a pure love. Wich as nothing to do with lust. I tik that is total bullshit. Yes there is a pure feeling but once u started being with each other u kne lust is a part of love. The other part is sm thing else.

And trust me there is nothing cultural about love. It is totaly unconditional. But most Sri Lankans misunderstand this and try to fix it in their narrow minded frame. Like everything else.

We all are members of a primitive society. Seriously how many Sri Lankan husbands can handle their wives enjoying free time with another man. We can't. Yet we claim we understan what true love is. i say bull shit. We should accept the fact that we are also animals. We are full of shit. Even though we claim that we are the most developed beings we are just barbarians with a mental attitude and a perception to satisfy our self as we are civilised.

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