Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chain Reaction

walkin back on my memory lane
thinking of what i've missed again
dreaming while my mind is awake
i'm loosing all my reasons to say

i'm fine
never felt better
i'm such a lousy liar
i know.....

my sneezing heart wanna fly away
from all this crap inside of my brain
but i know i just cnt run away
coz after that it want feel the same

its never gona be the same
but nothing matters
in the end....

feeling like i'm lost in a fantacy
where only real thing is a mystery
i'm still here just can't walk away
coz its all part of being me...

Myself & i...
wana cry i don't know why...
i'm still...

still remember how i used to be
the kid they all hate for being free
theres no suprise for what i'v become
i dnt need u coz i'm on the run


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