Sunday, September 20, 2009


Every day there is one question
How am i goanna live?
There is no protection
Coz every face is new...
There is no connection
Between you & me
Little bit of love & affection
I s all that i need....

Day by day i'm loosing my way
My heart does break
Coz it too much to take
I'm not goanna say now
But may be same day...
Coz my whole world is becomming grey....
Every day...the same feelings
Every night...the same dreams
Lonliness makes me feel
That i'm a falling star from the heaven
Straight to the hell

I'm not goanna stay just another day
In this gloomy world full of hate
I was searching for love
where is it now
Where are the angles
Who came from above.....

I've been searching for an answer
I've been looking for a clue
But its cold & dark inside
My whole world is blue
I feel no gravity
As i'm loosing my sanity
It is so complicated
I just feel like etting go....

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