Monday, June 22, 2009


i'm alone
don't wanna be known
when i'm gone
no body will mourn
i know...
i won't pray
cause it's hard to say
take me there
no body will care
i know..
i won't cry
cause it's worth to try
to keep these tears
in side my eyes
i know...

i'm fighting to live
just trying to forgive
one's who made me believe
i'm a hero
i'm still trying to be
but i know i won't be
until i sleep in my grave
i know...

i won't feel
cause the pain is too real
they'll say that
nothing can heal
i know...
i won't hide
cause i've never cried
but they'll say
that i lied
i know...
i am strong
to be alone
until i find
where i belong
i know...

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