Monday, June 1, 2009

The Difference

Do you know what is the difference between man and animals. Animals do what they think. But people think about one thing and do another. Yep it is the truth. So is it the way it should be? The answer may vary according to the situation. 
You may ask is a person acting according to his will is an animal. E.g. Infants act like this. They cry when they are hungry or hurt and throw away the things they hate. The point is that animals are better than us. If they hate some one they bite or attack. The stronger one wins and it is over then and there. But with humans its different. We never show what we feel. We hide our anger and hate most of the time. But what we dont know is that when its kept inside it becoms more uncontrolable. Then one day it will come out and the damage might be much more higher than showing it at the moment it was generated. Such is the nature of our mind.
If you hate some one please tell them. Let them know about it. They might not like it at the begining. But i gurantee that he or she will definitly think about it. So it helps both parties then and there. Dont Know whether you agree or not. But it is what i believe.

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