Monday, June 22, 2009

Common Dream

I'm lost in a common dream
Where every thing is normal
Except the things that i believe
I know that I'm not deceived
I've got no identity
Nothing to prove
I'm falling like everyone else
Just like that................
What does this mean?
To know I'm very keen
But I've got no leads
To prove that I've been


i'm alone
don't wanna be known
when i'm gone
no body will mourn
i know...
i won't pray
cause it's hard to say
take me there
no body will care
i know..
i won't cry
cause it's worth to try
to keep these tears
in side my eyes
i know...

i'm fighting to live
just trying to forgive
one's who made me believe
i'm a hero
i'm still trying to be
but i know i won't be
until i sleep in my grave
i know...

i won't feel
cause the pain is too real
they'll say that
nothing can heal
i know...
i won't hide
cause i've never cried
but they'll say
that i lied
i know...
i am strong
to be alone
until i find
where i belong
i know...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mystry of Life

This world is a mystery

There’s no word as a history

It is all coming back again

This life it’s a fantasy

Full of dreams that we hope to see

Every day it goes the same

Time it never ends

But the clock it never lends

Some time to feel this way

It is hard to see the truth

When we fall beneath the rules

But always there’s another way

Any man who knows the pain

This whole world contains

Would never ever say

Oh god, help me please

I am lost and confused

Just take this pain away

Don’t cry there’s nobody to hear

Don’t pray there’s nobody to care

You got to find your own way

It is hard to find a path

To walk along your heart

But always there’s another way

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Green Eyes

I’m some thing more than ordinary
No one knows what I’m made of
They all say that I’m green and ugly
But every one has a part of
Me inside
I’m inside you
I know what's in you
But there ain't a thing that you could do
to make me gone

Every time when you loose your glory
You’re calling me just to guide you
But when that feeling keeps on hurting
You get down on your knees and crown me
In your soul
Greedy illusions
Feeding emotions
But there ain't a thing that you could do
To make me gone

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A strange feeling is blowing through my head
I don't know what to say or do,but wait
It is sweet but so strong
Walks with me all day long
All my life i've never felt this way,before

Every single moment that i'm alive
Ain't feel the same & every word just rhymes
Every time i feel so fine
Don't know how to define
It's the sweetest place i've ever been (to)

It's an everlasting dream that i'm in now
I just dont know how i trapped my self inside
Is this love,i dont know how
Just to tell you about
All i know that i need you all my life

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Last One Standing

Sun rise
All rise
Is it a suprise
After all the things i've done wrong
At the edge of the hell
Where i used to walk along
Trying to find the spirit
That i used to know
I never saw it coming
Cause i was running
Until i felt there's nowhere else to go
Now many years have gone
No body walks along
I'm the last one standing here alone

The Difference

Do you know what is the difference between man and animals. Animals do what they think. But people think about one thing and do another. Yep it is the truth. So is it the way it should be? The answer may vary according to the situation. 
You may ask is a person acting according to his will is an animal. E.g. Infants act like this. They cry when they are hungry or hurt and throw away the things they hate. The point is that animals are better than us. If they hate some one they bite or attack. The stronger one wins and it is over then and there. But with humans its different. We never show what we feel. We hide our anger and hate most of the time. But what we dont know is that when its kept inside it becoms more uncontrolable. Then one day it will come out and the damage might be much more higher than showing it at the moment it was generated. Such is the nature of our mind.
If you hate some one please tell them. Let them know about it. They might not like it at the begining. But i gurantee that he or she will definitly think about it. So it helps both parties then and there. Dont Know whether you agree or not. But it is what i believe.


I know 
It’s hard to begin
All over again
When I’m about to face
The utmost disgrace 
It’s like swimming upstream
When the threat is supreme
Any other might cry
But it’s worth to try
To keep my fate
Away from the hate
When I’m loosing 
My patience
I feel no emotions
But I will hold on 
Until it goes on an on

I ain't a dreamer who
Lives up above
I ain't a looser 
But I’m feeling like now
I’ve never ever
Felt like this
My heart still weeps
For the things that I’ve missed
It is so much more than 
A reason to cry
I’m feeling so faithless
And I wonder why

I’m starting to feel
That I’m goanna loose
No longer seems I’m a player
No longer seems I can run
It’s like risking my whole life
When there’s no turning back
Any other might cry
But it’s worth to try
To keep my fate
Away from the hate
When one can’t help his destiny
It is more like a mystery
But I will hold on 
Until it goes on and on